OH YOU’RE MY FRIEND???? name 3 of my albums.

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we all have a favorite eyebrow

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The hardest decision to make in life is to decide that you’re getting out of bed



i love banksy


one of my roommates used to work with 5th graders in a creative writing class thing and they had to write a romance and most of the kids wrote stories about princesses and crap but this one little girl wrote about how a marshmallow fell in love with a mug of cocoa and he loved the cocoa so much that in order to be with her he melted and died like wow kid that’s some shakespearian shit right there

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Pancake with all the colors of the wind.

i can’t even make a circular pancake what the fuck is this shit

There are lots of stuff I don’t understand and probably will never understand. But there is this things about us humans I really can’t grasp and that is, WHY do we feel the constant need to put someone else down to raise another? Why does skinny people have to become ugly people just because “plus sized” people need to be seen as beautiful too? why do most people see feminism as a war between men and women instead of a fight for equality? why do we need to hate on straight people because we’ve accepted that being gay is okay? So many questions that really have a simple answer, and that is that this world right now needs something I like to call Humanism. We need to start seeing each other as individuals with emotions and thoughts, it’s not all about what you see on the surface, there is so much more to a person just open your heart and you’ll see.
It makes me so sad to se people hurting and being put down for who they are, to see people putting down each other simply because they lack knowledge about each other.


*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what

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